kako kužki plavajo
kako rože diše
sence velikanov
to so drobni listi

semena klijejo
breze oneme
tiha tiha rosa ur
tako gre čas

so oblaki vrh gora
temne ceste na dnu morja
pesmi veveric, sinic
obronki žarijo

so preproge ščit nebesom
rimskim cestam, lačnim grehom
daljni prijatelji vezirji
misli se zlijejo
  how the little dogs play
how the flowers smell
shadows of giants
these are tiny leaves
seeds sprout
birches fall mute
silent silent dew of hours
time goes by
there are clouds above the mountains
dark roads at the bottom of the sea
songs of squirrels, of titmice
the hillsides shine
there are rugs, shield to heaven
to Milky Ways, to hungry sins
my distant friends, viziers
thoughts flow together

          Translated from the Slovenian by Christopher Merrill and the author

Tomaž Šalamun

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