Its me again. I guess youre still out.

Did you get my last message? This I asked my wife when
she surprised me on my knees, on the kitchen floor,
praying to our kitten. O, little kitty, things started going
wrong, didnt they, when you were caught embezzling
bones from the sparrows? My wife begs me to not think,
but the moon is, variously, now and completely full, and
comprehends itself thus, therefore I know I must return
my future to its prognosticators een as the whiskey slips
back into the bottle once the drunk is asleep.

And now my wife holds up her hands, dripping with birds,
and now Im down on my knees in a basement that comes
up through the kitchen floor whether I can stand it or not,
and now, throughout the neighborhood, soldiers are seen in
flashes of lightning as wind sears the face of an inland sea.

( 3 Messages Left On My Answering Machine By Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel The Night The Berlin Wall Fell Regarding The Moon Becoming Full )
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