Granted Anonymity Because They Are Not Allowed to Speak

If we be together anonymous we've created nine contradictions.
I find you more fluent in the watery districts. Step up to the podium
So that you can be asked a few questions. I question the blue air
You breathe. Oh, he is a bookshop, she is a little envelope, they
Are not sharing their loot with their accomplices. If you are in need
Of faking some false documents a sure-fire solution is crickets.
You know it, I know it, to fall into a hole by accident gives one
A chance to imagine a dance performed to persuade people to
Enlist in an army. Please, no, don't swallow your birth certificate.
Don't put down your spoon. Somewhere there's a sheep's shoulder-
Blade that will perhaps help you or perhaps murder your thirst.
You return to earth as often as you like, what's your problem?
You should return more often disguised in uneven feelings.
I've seen you often diagrammed beneath brows of solvent children.

Dara Wier
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